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About Ayalaweya

At Ayalaweya LLC, our mission is to empower conscious community leaders with creative excellence.

Rooted in unwavering values, we are dedicated to uniting communities, elevating holistic offerings of the highest integrity, and serving our collective mission of peace on Earth. We passionately inform and inspire through mindfully crafted educational content, programs, and sacred partnerships.

Through our comprehensive services encompassing brand identity, website development, and event production, we are committed to offering practical solutions and intuitively curated content. Our aim is to equip our clients with the tools they need in order to share their unique essence, their 'medicine,' on a broader scale. We strive to cultivate a ripple effect, amplifying their impact within their communities and beyond!

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Our Core Values


Unite global community, embrace the intelligence of diversity on every level.


Honor all life, medicine, and individuals with our offerings through intentional service.


Create and share all events/services honestly, ethically, and honorably.


Inspire and inform with high quality information, resources, ceremonies, and programs.

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Jade Weya

Jade is a certified holistic practitioner (EFT/TFT Tapping Master and Energy Healer) and vocalist with a 10 year background in singing. From gospel choir to medicine ceremonies, the transformational potential of sacred song has continuously fascinated and ultimately drove her towards the establishment of Ayalaweya LLC.

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Our Team

Tropical Leaves
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Gato "The Heyokat" Ohm

Gato Ohm, AKA "The HeyoKat", is a multimedia designer who has been working as a creative educational mentor and therapist for children since 2011 with a masters in ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis). He is the founder of iMagiNation Inc., a non-profit dedicated to creating events/festivals (such as “iMagiFest”), medicine ceremonies, and kids' educational programs.

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