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Welcome to Gaia's Hideout, the ideal location for your next event. This stunning venue is rooted in the natural beauty and serenity of our beautiful nursery and agricultural land, offering an unforgettable experience for our guests. Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event, or any other special event, our team of seasoned professionals is here to help you create memories that will last a lifetime. Book your event at Gaia's Hideout today and get ready to enjoy a truly unique and unforgettable experience, curated with love.

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Explore The Possibilities at Gaia's Hideout

Festivals & Events

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(From $500 - $1111)

On this spacious, 10 - acre property, there is plenty of room for your community! This venue was designed to host large groups comfortably, and even over night, with camping passes available per your request.

Weddings & Birthdays


(From $500 - $1111)

Perfect for intimate weddings or birthday bashes, this scenic getaway is owned by the sweetest couple of 25+ years in the Sunshine State – ensuring your celebration is infused with their heartwarming love story!

Photoshoots/ Videoshoots

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If you're looking for a truly natural backdrop for your next photoshoot or videoshoot, look no further! Gaia's hideout has one of the most epic landscapes in all of SoFlo!

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Workshops & Ceremonies

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Fun Fact: Gaia's Hideout sits on land that has been the sacred home to centuries of indigenous gatherings. Today, guests from across South Florida gather here to share wisdom and offerings through sacred ceremonies and earth-conscious workshops, fostering a vibrant community of connection and spiritual support!

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Need support hosting your next event? We're here to help. Contact us for more information at 786-803-6215

The Venue

Click on the images to learn more about each part of the property.

The Land in Action

Here's what your next event could look like!

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Ready to enjoy a truly unique and unforgettable experience?

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