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The Mission and Collaboration

iMagi Nation, a 501(c)(3) organization, is dedicated to rekindling the connection between children, communities, and the ancient wisdom of indigenous traditions through innovative technology. By crafting modern, immersive educational experiences, we aim to foster a profound appreciation for nature, respect, and community integration.

Ayalaweya LLC proudly stands behind this mission and the transformative impact it carries. We invite you to explore this page further to discover more about this remarkable organization and the invaluable contributions it makes.


Best ImagiFest Moments



By embracing cultural appreciation, we extend a warm embrace to all communities, traditions, and individuals open to uniting, learning, and collaboratively envisioning a fresh paradigm for life—a genuine alternative for positive transformation.

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iMagiNation Logo ( has a rainbow)
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The Offerings

Our offerings find new purpose as they merge seamlessly with the mission of iMagiNation Inc. Non-Profit. EVERY event you attend, every session you engage in, directly fuels the conscious educational development of children – the future we're dedicated to nurturing!

Creative Education

Collage of images of children playing, learning, and creating together with iMagiNation Inc.

Creative Education intertwines culture and the arts to foster the well-being, growth, and sustainability of children, families, and the entire community. This inclusive initiative extends its reach to encompass individuals of all backgrounds, including those who may be subject to stereotypes and those with special needs. We offer an array of community events and workshops to further this mission.

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Festivals & Events

Talented musicians sharing music live at our events

Our Festivals & Events celebrate the richness of diversity by weaving together cultural tapestries that resonate with our community. Each event is crafted to uplift and unite, fostering connections among individuals from all walks of life. Through vibrant showcases of art, music, and interactive experiences, we create inclusive spaces where stereotypes fade, and understanding thrives. Join us as we curate engaging gatherings that embrace the beauty of diversity and encourage collective celebration.

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In our Ceremonies, we honor the sacred traditions and moments that bind us together as a community. Rooted in reverence for culture and heritage, these ceremonies are crafted to embody respect and inclusivity, embracing everyone regardless of background. Whether marking milestones, seasonal shifts, or moments of reflection, these rituals invite all to participate, fostering a sense of unity and shared connection with the world around us. Join us in these meaningful ceremonies where traditions are honored and bonds are strengthened.

Images taken during a trinity ceremony led by Gato Ohm.

We host ceremonies designed to celebrate and cultivate a sacred space for creative experiences. These ceremonies pay homage to our local talent and various forms of devotion, utilizing elements such as music, guided journeys, movement, sound healing, and the use of traditional plants, including a diverse selection of teas and cacao, among others.

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iMagiNation's Signature Childrens Book

The entirety of each purchase is dedicated to creating conscious and educational spaces for children (+ your child gets to embark on an immersive, quirky, and educational journey!)

Coming Soon

Adventures of the Rainbow Warriors

Adventures of the Rainbow Warrios book cover featuring three kids who look like super heroes infront of a rainbow

The Visionary

Gato The HeyoKat

Founder of iMagi Nation INC. 501-c3 Non-Profit


Gato Ohm, a tan man with long dreads wearig a fedora and singing while playing a drum

Gato Ohm, AKA "The HeyoKat", is a multimedia designer who has been working as a creative educational mentor and therapist for children since 2011 with a masters in ABA. He is the founder of iMagiNation Inc., a non-profit dedicated to creating events/festivals (such as “iMagiFest”), medicine ceremonies, and kids' educational programs.
You might find Gato dancing on stage at a festival, painting a sacred mural in someone’s space, singing sacred songs in a medicine ceremony, or writing and illustrating his upcoming children’s book.

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Miami Beach, Fl 33141

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