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Jade Weya

Founder & Project Manager



Regenerative Branding Specialist, Event Production, Copywriting, Virtual Administration, Ceremonial Support

About Jade

Jade Weya is the Projects Manager and founder of Ayalaweya LLC. With 9 years of experience in event production, Jade has honed key skills in communications, virtual administration, graphic design, and copywriting, which she now integrates into her regenerative branding consulting.

Her dedication to empowering holistic entrepreneurs and creating high-standard teams, experiences, and spaces reflects her professional values of integrity, genuine care, and sustainability. Jade aims to be a force for wholesome change in society, particularly within corporate environments.

Jade's professional journey includes notable achievements such as receiving formal recognition for her contributions to the production of "Caminantes de la Nueva Tierra," an annual medicine music concert and awards ceremony honoring community wellness leaders and musicians. Currently, she is spearheading "Terra Nova Series," the first quarterly fundraising event produced by Ayalaweya, set to take place on September 22nd.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Jade has a deep passion for medicine music and ceremonial support. As a faith-based entrepreneur, honoring God is integral to her life and implemented into all of her endeavours. She is also deeply committed to the health and well-being of children and is currently developing a holistic and musical project called "Resensitize the Next Generation," which combines her extensive experience in gospel choir and ceremonial song weaving into an engaging experience for children.

Jade's previous role as Communications Manager and Event Logistics Supporter at iMagiNation Inc., a children's holistic events and festival non-profit organization in South Florida, further fueled her passion for supporting the next generation. She is currently refining her teaching methods with the help of her 6 year old cousin, who rates and provides insight on how to improve the activities she designs.

"Every client I work with is someone I believe truly has the capability to make a positive impact in this world; your vision is just as important to me as it is to you." - Jade

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