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Selma Montserrat

Ethics Advisor



Ethical Advisory, Translations (Spanish/English), Event Production Support, Graphic Design

About Selma

Selma is a versatile and grounded advisor, excelling in a wide range of tasks from ethical logistic support, to hands-on event assistance. Born in Venezuela and moving to Miami at the age of 11, she is fluent in both English and Spanish, offering translation services for businesses and ceremonies as needed.

Inspired by her family's disciplined spiritual health practices, Selma is currently studying to become a Family Constellator while pursuing a degree in Psychology. With two years of formal graphic design education and an art school diploma as a visual artist, she also contributes to the visual completion of Ayalaweya’s designs. Selma brings fresh and vital perspectives to any team or business, providing the key insights necessary to make equitable and wellness-conscious decisions.

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