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Move Through Emotional Challenges With Grace and Ease

Updated: May 4, 2023

The last few years have been confusing, complicated, and chaotic! Some of us have been able to go with the flow and GROW from these strange times, but for some of us, it's been very challenging to do so because of the intense energies flying around in our world. Today's article is dedicated to providing you with some funky and powerful tools for navigating these emotionally challenging times.


This post is part of a series called ""Thoughtful Thursday". For more informative and uplifting blog posts such as this one, click HERE, or go to the "Thoughtful Thursday" section on our blog homepage. It is an honor and a privilege to be able to share this content with you, and we hope that you find exactly what you need today. You are here for a reason.


The Cycles of Life and Death

Over the past few years, one thing we've recognized as important and have been encouraged to do by some of our favorite holistic/spiritual teachers is to become comfortable with the cycles of life and death. The cycles of life and death and expand beyond just being born into this physical plain and then leaving it. This cycle is also represented through beginnings and endings. Since 2020, many things have ended. Ideally, one can see these endings, losses, and releases as opportunities to make space for new beginnings. Unfortunately, many of us have an innate fear of change, just as many of us fear death, or really, the unknown place that death will take us. Unknown is the key word here, as the fear, discomfort, or resistance we may have to change comes from the lack of understanding within the mind. Lack of knowing/understanding is one of the biggest reasons we resist the changes, endings, and metaphorical deaths in our lives. But really, you only need to know these three things, and believe them fully, in order to remove that fear of the unknown.

  1. Rejection is Divine Redirection. You have probably heard this one many times. In the heat of the moment, it can be a hard truth to remember. This is why you must consciously engrain this belief into your mind, into your internal belief system (your "Book of Law" for those of you familiar with The Four Agreement's teachings), so that when chaotic endings or rejections arise, your mental body already knows how to receive the situation and isn't left dumbfounded and disordered by the possibly painful ending. Every ending is leading you to something better, even if it doesn't look like that right away.

  2. Change is the Only Constant in This Universe. The only thing you can 100% always count on is the fact that nothing ever stays the same. Not only are things constantly changing, but we are in a point in time where these changes are being dramatically accelerated and presenting themselves with even more intensity. Death, endings, and redirection can be severely uncomfortable and emotionally disruptive for some of us because we became comfortable in what was. Ultimately, what "was" is not going to be what "is" forever, and when you can embrace this fact, your nervous system begins to relax into a flow and, consequently, begins to detach from needing things to be any different than exactly how they are.

  3. Everything is Perfect Exactly How It Is. This existence is an intricate and intentionally designed orchestration. Think back to a time when something seemingly awful happened in your life and, a year later, you were somehow in an even better position than you were before that awful thing happened. The what, how, and why of the things occurring in our lives may not always be clear, but the what, how, and why of these things are particularly and perfectly designed to lead us exactly where we are meant to be. Everything is purposeful and perfect exactly how it is, always.

These beliefs are the foundation of leading an emotionally balanced and stable life despite any circumstances. Integrating these beliefs can be a challenge in itself, so we wanted to go over some of the many different ways you can become more calm, peaceful, and in a divine flow with the natural order of the universe.

Integration Station: What Can You Do?

So how does one really submit to the natural flow of the universe and allow themselves to surrender to all of the funky emotions that come with being a human? There are a few ways, and we've listed our favorites down below!

1) "What doesn't make you laugh will kill ya!"

Laughter truly is the best medicine. This specific quote was shared with us by Brother Larry, the moon-shining, pizza-making, chocolate-toting man who lived in the Kalalau Valley of Kauai for many years during the 90's. When you live in the middle of nowhere for long enough in one of the most beautiful and energetically clear destinations in the world, a lot of things come up. Brother Larry reminded us (frequently) to laugh at the BS and to not take life to seriously. When there's nothing you can do to shift something emotionally distressing, you can release that emotional distress. Laughter is our personal favorite way of doing this.

2) Spend Time In Nature

When becoming comfortable with the cycles of life and death, connecting with nature is THE BEST way to do so. You can witness the cycles of life and death in nature in so many different ways, from the falling of leaves off of the trees, to the birthing of the many little creatures living all around. Find a sacred spot that you feel connected to and take time to witness the shifts in the environment as often as you can throughout the year. It is a subtle practice, yet eye opening on a deep level. Spending time in nature is an organic method of emotional regulation. It allows you to reconnect with the healing vibration of the earth and remember your roots and innate connection to all.

3) Routine

Having a routine for the mind, body, and/or spirit creates a stabilizing structure that we can rely on to be there through any circumstance. The routine that stabilizes you best will be determined by your own trial and error. You may feel called to a strict nighttime/sleep routine, a daily spiritual practice of some sort, or dedicating yourself to work during certain hour every day. No matter what your routine may be, the consistency and availability of this chosen practice can be a powerful tool for grounding and creating emotional regulation in your day to day life.

4) Press Pause

When all else fails, take a moment to stop, sit back, and breathe. Upsetting situations can often cause us to disconnect from the present moment in a state of fight or flight. Taking a moment to relieve your nervous system of that natural flight or fight response allows many things in the body to happen hormonally, mentally, and spiritually. Taking a second to observe where you're at with gentle curiosity can allow your distress to be seen and ultimately be fully processed/released.

That's all for this week! Stay strong, stay balanced, and stay funky. This article is being published 1 day before the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio. We're also in the midst of a Mercury + Pluto retrograde. Emotions are higher and more intense than even, so hopefully this article was of service to you in some way shape or form. If you feel called to 1:1 assistance with maintaining and managing your peace of mind during these chaotic times, you can book your complimentary discovery call with us below where we will provide you with tailored information that you can utilize for your journey moving forward absolutely free of charge. Much love, talk to ya later!



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