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Green Leaves

New Earth Is Here

The planet's shift into unity consciousness, AKA the Fifth Dimension, is more apparent now than ever before. As a holistic healer and/or spiritually mindful individual, you're probably feeling the call to step into your highest timeline of service, love, and faith. Today's discussion will be based around the energetics of what is currently happening on our planet as a collective, how it may effect you as an individual, and what you can do to utilize the energetics of this shift to change lives (including your own!)


This post is part of a series called ""Thoughtful Thursday". For more informative and uplifting blog posts such as this one, click HERE, or go to the "Thoughtful Thursday" section on our blog homepage. It is an honor and a privilege to be able to share this content with you, and we hope that you find exactly what you need today. You are here for a reason.


So... What's Going On???

This seems to be the question of the century. There are a number of hard-to-wrap-ones'-head-around events that have occurred in the world, especially since the start of 2020. I'm sure you can easily think of a few of these mind boggling happenings, but understanding the reason(s) behind them may be something you've yet to fully grasp. As things continue to fall into place, deeper understandings will be presented to us. Although, there are some pieces of information that have been presented to us about the shift in the world taking place during this time that may provide you clarity, peace, and guidance on how to move forward in this new energy. To preface the remainder of this blog post, we would like to mention that we have also actively asked the question "whats going on?" countless times. All information here is sourced from some of the powerful resources and collective information providers of our time that we ourselves sought out when seeking the truth, solutions, and next steps of what to do in this new earth. We are honored to be able to offer you a collection of our independent research/personal intuitive downloads on this topic and will also be sharing some of the incredible resources we've discovered so that you can take your study on this topic to the next level with respected community leaders, gurus, and spiritual teachers. First and foremost, this "new earth" concept is merely that, a concept. Take all perceptions and teachings you find with a grain of salt and trust that your internal guidance system will show you what is most relevant for you to see. The only absolute we will be offering in this post is this: Any information rooted in love is rooted in truth. We encourage you to receive that statement in the way that it makes the most sense for you.

New Earth: Relevant Data and Information

  • Ascension: Earth herself is a sentient being evolving at her own pace and humanity is evolving alongside her. Currently, her ascension rate, along with all of her inhabitant's speed of ascension, has accelerated ten-fold. Cristina Lopes, AKA The Heart Alchemist, is a fabulous resource on this topic and you can find more information about this shift here and on her YouTube channel.

  • The Eagle and Condor Prophecy: This prophecy, along with many other native prophecies, one other of which that will be linked below as well, are left best explained by those who have studied their content and received this wisdom from its source. To briefly excerpt the contents of this prophecy, it states that two peoples that had split 500 years ago, one to the south (condor) and one to the north (eagle), would have the opportunity to reunite in harmonious flight and awaken the collective to a way of balance and light. They say that this time of reunion is now. If you'd like to explore the deep wisdom and teachings of this prophecy further, click here.

  • Hopi Prophecies and The Warriors of the Rainbow: This is another prophecy best left to the explanation of those who have studied this content thoroughly. These prophecies describe a series of nine events in which the "fifth world" will emerge from. For more information on this prophecy, click here.

"When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the Earth from many colors, creeds, and classes, and who by their actions and deeds shall make the Earth green again. They shall be known as the Warriors of the Rainbow." - A Hopi Prophecy

  • Pleiadian Prophecies: The available free and credible resources on Pleiadian transmissions, information, and prophecies are greatly limited. We understand this to be because of the frequent disconnection of ones' being from Earth when working in the realms of the stars and this high vibrational entity/state of being/way of understanding wanting us to be fully present with our Earthly existence. Right now more than ever, we are being called to be present with Earth and her healing/ascension. The knowledge of the Pleiades available is hidden within ancient early teachings, and the information shared in this article is sourced from our personal studies in Kauai, Hawaii, also believed the be the ancient city of Lumeria. According to the ancient stories, this is the city in which the Pleiads first came to Earth and altered the genetic code of the race of human that now dominates the planet (yes, there were different races of humans many thousands of years ago!) If you are familiar with DNA activation meditations and similar programs, these concepts stem from the understanding that we have genetic codes in our being waiting to be awakened that will allow us to connect to a greater source of wisdom. Something interesting to note is that Kauai is also understood to be the Garden of Eden. Multiple native groups, the inhabitants of the island, and religious/spiritual sectors thousands of miles away from this point on the Earth agree that this is where the first man, or more specifically the first man imbedded with Pleiadian altered DNA, came to be. In Christianity, we would call this man Adam. The planet is ascending, and this essentially means that the energy grid of Earth is becoming more susceptible to light codes and receiving information at a highly accelerated rate because of this. Many of these light codes are being sourced from the stars, and specifically, the Pleiades. Based on the nature of this information and our initially stated understanding of why its challenging to find, this is as much as we'd like to share personally, but if you're interested in learning more, you can click here and receive some of the wisdom from a sister who studied the teachings of Kryon and directly with a Hawaiian elder, two very different people with eerily similar explanations of the origins of humans and the Pleiads influence on us as a collective.

Ascension Symptoms

Based on all of this information we've shared (and mind you, this information barely scratches the surface of all that is happening during these times), you can probably see why the energy of the world is so turbulent and intense right now. So many things are shifting! You may be experiencing some strange things on a personal level, and it's very plausible that some of these things are directly connected to the ascension of the planet. We will will be sharing with you today some of the possibly symptoms of your own ascension and your empathetic connection to the ascension of humanity.

DISCLAIMER: Although all ailments of the mind, body, and spirt are connected to one another in their manifestations (example: cancer in the throat and generational throat chakra blockages being related to one another), please seek medical assistance if there are serious symptoms or disease occurring for you.

1. Physical Aches, Pains, and Discomfort

With the amount of new energy flowing through the collective, you could be experiencing random aches in your body with seemingly no specific cause, especially along the regions of the spine associated with certain chakras. This is due to the fact that all stagnant energy is being quickly transmuted and shifted. Our bodies store lots of energy, especially along the chakra points and within our deep tissues.

2. Periods of Intense Exhaustion

The integration of all of this new information on a mind, body, and spirit level can require a lot of energy and make us feel very tired for seemingly no reason. You can compare this to digestion. You know when you've eaten a lot of food and you feel super tired? Yeah, its like that, but in this case, instead of food, it's information.

3. Unpredictable Mood Shifts/Emotions

Have you found yourself suddenly on the verge of tears with seemingly no trigger whatsoever? Old, stagnant energies that were once stuck in our physical, energetic, and mental bodies are being pushed out by the new energies surging through the planet at this time. These random emotional expressions is our being's way of releasing the energies no longer serving us/no longer able to sustain themselves on this New Earth, as they are not aligned with the frequency of love and unity.

4) A General Sense of Urgency

Feeling like it's go time, but not completely sure where you're supposed to be going? That's an ascension symptom! With the accelerated rate of the energy movement on the planet, we too may be feeling the need to pick up the pace. For some us, we know exactly what in our lives is calling for urgency, and it probably has something to do with your mission and the part that you're playing in the healing of the planet.

5) Righteous Motivation

If you're reading this, you're probably a holistic/spiritual teacher/healer of some sort. Now more than ever you may be feeling the call the prioritize sharing your offerings with the collective and digging deep into what it is you're really supposed to be doing here. There is a general sense of "the time is NOW" and along with the sleepiness, you may be getting bursts of motivation to begin creating things relevant to the healing of the collective.

6) New Psychic Abilities

Over the last few years, the way you view and understand the world on a physical and metaphysical has probably dramatically shifted. You are probably understanding things in ways that you feel can't be shared with others on some level because of how abstract and intimately understood they are by your inner self. This is also part of the ascension, and a sacred piece of your own awakening into the truth of reality as you are meant to be seeing it. You may be seeing reality in some truly funky, new, and sometimes mind-boggling ways! Know that this is okay and normal.

Proper Integration

Everything occurring right now is truly for our highest benefit and to guide us towards a path that is aligned with the frequency of this New Earth, a path of service, unity, and love. When the intensity of the elevation of our planet's consciousness becomes uncomfortable, it is an invitation to integrate the new data presenting itself. Here are some of the best ways to integrate, especially if you are experiencing the above mentioned symptoms.

1. Deep Stretching

Stagnant energy lives in the deep tissues of our body and deep stretching is a powerful way to release any stored up tension, particular tension stored in the myofascia, our connective tissue system. If you are aligned with the practice of yoga, their are may asanas that can help release this part of our body and give way to immense relief. Yin yoga is particular helpful, as it promotes deep stretching for extended periods of time that allows one to fully release this part of our body. Boho Beautiful on YouTube has many powerful Yin Yoga classes that you can utilize at your own discretion. If you are not aligned with the practice of yoga as a spiritual discipline, you can still utilize Yin Yoga practices or simply practice deep stretching in the ways that your body is calling for. In the body, most dense energy gets stored in the the thighs and lower back, so stretches that are centered around these areas are very helpful.

2. Rest

When faced with the symptom of exhaustion, it is incredibly important to rest. When we honor our bodies call to rest, it is a form of self-care and gives our being time to reset, replenish, and rejuvenate. Not only that, but sleeping allows our minds to enter a state known as theta, which is directly linked to the subconscious mind. This is a hypnotic like state that is ripe with opportunity for subconscious reprogramming. If you feel called, incorporate sleep hypnosis into your resting rituals. A fabulous free resource for sleep hypnosis programs is once again Youtube, and we particularly enjoy working with John Moyer, but there are many different guided sleep hypnosis facilitators on YouTube that you can choose from.

3. Feel Your Feelings

If you suddenly have the urge to cry, cry. If you need to scream, grab your pillow and let it out. If you need to laugh uncontrollably at something that wasn't even that funny, laugh! These are all different ways that your body is releasing old energies and making room for the newness of this reality. Don't suppress your emotions. Instead, celebrate them and honor them as they wish to be expressed, even if someone looks at you a little funny because of it.

4. Take Action

There is a very important reason these new ideas are finding you, and although they may not make complete sense or be fully developed ideas yet, they are meant to lead you to the next great idea that you will have. If you feel the call to create a program for children, create that program. If you want to hold weekly gatherings where people come together and make music, hold those gatherings. Whatever ideas that come to you, especially the ones rooted in creativity, love, expression, healing, and freedom are being boosted and encouraged by the entire universe at this time. Utilize this incredible period of momentum and any motivation that comes to you. Who knows where it's meant to take you; you will only be able to discover the result of this journey by embarking on it.

5. Ground

As the source of this intense energy comes from the planet and us aligning with her ascension by ascending as individuals, when we connect with Earth, we can align with the vibrational frequency that she is at and relieve any resistance to the natural energetic movement happening all around us. Discomfort is a sign of resistance to what is, and whether this resistance is conscious or not, grounding practices can help us realign with the current flow of all things. Some ways to ground are by walking barefoot in nature, meditating, breathing consciously, stretching, dancing, singing, journaling, or doing a combination of these things together.

Take time to integrate this information. Continue your studies on the content presented to you today that felt extra relevant. Expand beyond what was shared here by researching the questions you may have had. And feel free to contact us below for more information, guidance, or assistance as you navigate this New Earth and all that it has to offer you.



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