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The Sound of FUNK

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Singing can be a powerful way for one to connect with their inner FUNK, their most authentic self and highest form of expression. This week's blog post is dedicated to exploring the unique and empowering qualities of vocal expression + how to tap into your funkiest self through song!


This post is part of a series called ""Thoughtful Thursday". For more informative and uplifting blog posts such as this one, click HERE, or go to the "Thoughtful Thursday" section on our blog homepage. It is an honor and a privilege to be able to share this content with you, and we hope that you find exactly what you need today. You are here for a reason.


Embracing The Song of The Universe Life is often compared to a song or a dance, an endlessly cascading, occasionally dramatic, ever-unfolding, rhythmic flow. Through both song and dance, but specifically song in today's conversation, one can begin to take an even more expansive role in their own life.

But how?

There are a few wonderful side effects that come with working more intentionally with your vocal expression. As a vocal activation coach and singer of 10 years, here are some of the positive consequences I have witnessed in my clients and experienced in my own life after intentionally deepening our relationship with our voices:

1) Enhanced Expression

The more that you play and explore your funkiness within your singing voice, the more you'll find yourself playing and exploring with your expression in your day to day conversations. Intentionally using song as a way to activate a more authentic expression will 100% seep into every other aspect of your communication. Through text, email, dance, conversation, even your art, you will see how you are beginning to add things you haven't added in the past. You'll notice you're creating things you weren't previously inspired to create. As you being to liberate the song of your soul, you begin to liberate every other part of your life as well. This is one of the most evident shifts that occurred in my own life and the one that comes up most quickly and consistently with the clients I've worked with.

2) Increased Confidence/Charisma

Something else that comes with exploring your voice and its many different ways of being expressed is that you become more accustomed, tuned in, and familiar with the way that you maneuver through the realm of authentic sound. There's an old saying that goes "practice makes perfect." You've probably heard it. Around here, we like to say that practice makes progress, and you'll notice that the more you practice working with your voice and activating that throat center, the more you'll progress in not only singing and speaking, but in the levels of confidence you have while doing so. You'll begin to speak with more certainty, because you'll be more certain about the value and power of what you're saying. You'll begin to think less and express more, because the conversations you've been having with yourself have become so enriched with life and flavor that you aren't worrying about how interesting you are or if what you're saying is impactful enough. You will understand that everything that is said and done is perfect as it is, even if it sounds a little "weird" (and you'll notice that sounding "weird" is exactly what the self or someone else may need in certain moments).

3) Fervor for Life

As you practice, progress and ultimately become more confident and more expressive, all of these new, playful, and interesting ideas will begin to find you. It's like your internal voice begins to ask, "Where do we grow from here? What NOW?" Singing, playing, and holding the space for yourself to truly expand on a soul level through song will activate a fervor for life in your heart like no other. Your inner child begins to unleash itself from feeling weird or like its voice doesn't matter. When this happens, things start to get wildly exciting. You may tap into this new-found sense of motivation to do the great things in your life you've always wanted to do. With all that creative energy finally flowing smoothly through your being, you might have brand new ideas that excite you and inspire you! There is an inexplicable passion that is able to be activated and utilized when you begin intentionally working with sound, and it's something that can change your entire life if you'd like it to. Which leads us to the next section of this read...

Intention is Everything

It is easy to overcomplicate the process of becoming vocally activated and empowered in your authentic sound. All those big words, with these big, important meanings and descriptions. It can all become a bit overwhelming on a mental level, especially if you have specific blocks or resistance around vocal expression and authenticity.

So let's keep it really simple. All you need is your intention. This is 70% of the work right here.

When it comes to singing and utilizing this transformational medicine that you hold within yourself at all times, what is it that you want to heal/activate for yourself? Maybe you want to become more confident and use singing as your medium. Perhaps you want to live life with playfulness and utilize song to help you get silly more naturally. Maybe you just want to not second guess yourself so much and trust your voice. Whatever it is, create an intention surrounding your vocal journey that you can hold in your heart as you practice and explore.

Here are some general and optional guidelines for creating the right intention for your practice:

  • Use positive language (instead of "I want to not second guess myself anymore" try "I trust my gut!"

  • Write it down somewhere you can see it clearly every day

  • Utilize the present or past method of manifestation language (examples: I am confident in my voice now that I am working with song. I have powerfully transformed my life with my singing.)

  • Get specific. What is the root/base dis-ease that is needing your vocal medicine?

And here are some examples of intentions you can set for your vocal practice:

  • "I have used the power of my voice to transform my life for the better and feel more confident than ever."

  • "I intend to utilize the medicine of my voice to allow me to live authentically and unapologetically."

  • "My voice is my strength and reminds me that I can do anything I put my mind to!"

  • "I have used my voice to liberate myself from the chains of the past, my heart is free and I feel like I can fly!"

The Sound of Funk

If you're looking to expand your voice and tap into your funk, we have an event based in Miami, Florida that is geared towards doing just that. It's disguised as a big old party, but the underlying intention of the event is to allow people to let loose and get funky without fear of judgement. The intention is for every guest to be able to explore the sound of their own funk, step out of their comfort zone with grace and ease, and let go! This Sound of Funk event is also in collaboration with IMagiNation Inc Non-Profit, an organization created for holistic educational spaces based around art and play for the children. All proceeds generated by this event are going directly into creating educational content and opportunities for children to play safely, consciously, and creatively.

For more information on this event, click the "register now" button below. We send you so much love and encouragement on your journey to a more authentic way of life. May you always be blessed, and stay funky!



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