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Handmade Product

Receive a custom made, intuitively channeled ceremonial fan. These fans are created with great intention and care from our ceremonial artisan, Gato the HeyoKat (@imagi.tribe)

This fan can be used to clear and move energy in your sacred ceremonies. It is a powerful tool to be paired alongside your preferred sacred smokes (sage, copal, palo santo, etc.)

For the ultimate clarity on your fan, contact us for your free consultation on the creation of your fan where you can discuss any specfific elements you may already have in mind and Gato can further feel into the proper creation of the fan destineed for you to weild.

Custom Ceremonial Fan

  • Material: Multiple Materials Used

    Measurements: Custom

    Care: Keep out of direct sunlight for long periods of time. Handle with care, as to not bend your feathers.

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