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Presented by Ayalaweya LLC in partnership with New Conscience Productions Corp. 501c3, our fundraising beneficiary.

The first edition of the Terra Nova Series, Women in Leadership,  is dedicated to enriching women passionate about expanding their holistic entrepreneurship journey. Whether you are an experienced community leader, medicine woman, holistic entrepreneur, ceremonialist, or someone aspiring to these roles, this gathering has been designed to serve as a profound source of inspiration and empowerment.

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The Prayer of Terra Nova Series

Creator of All Things,

We come together in unity to seek Your grace upon the Terra Nova Series. May this event be filled with goodness, and may all those who are part of this experience be the highest vessels of service possible.


We ask that we may come together with ease and grace, unified by our missions, purposes, and paths, to co-create a new paradigm. Help us restore what has been lost, taken, or forgotten, while implementing the new ideas that must come to fruition to support our planet and its inhabitants.

May our efforts be guided by Your wisdom and love, and may we work harmoniously to bring positive change to our world. Consecrate each participant and allow us to inspire and empower one another in our shared journey towards a regenerative and sustainable future.

With gratitude and reverence, we offer this prayer.

Amen. Aho. Om. Inshallah. Shalom. Sat Nam. Ashe.

The Terra Nova Series Initiatives

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Welcome to the Terra Nova Collective

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